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2020 Strategies for a Lifetime of Tax Savings

Join us as we share a clear durable plan of action that cohesively addresses each area of your financial life to:

  1. Maximize the productivity of your assets and improve your retirement income stream

  2. Minimize the drag from your long-term tax liabilities

    • Potential for over $350,000 in lifetime savings on a $500K retirement portfolio​

    • Potential for over $2M in lifetimes savings on a $5M retirement portfolio

  3. Minimize the risk of rising tax rates in retirement​

  4. Address the risk of low interest rates and stock market corrections in retirement

  5. Synchronize your values with your charitable giving desires and your legacy goals

  6. Provide a quiet confidence that your financial affairs are arranged to meet your long-term goals

  7. Help you live the life you want to life

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