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Set up user access in Chase Bank for accountant view-only access:

1.      Navigate to the account management section after logging in to your Chase Bank account.

2.      From there, select the "Access and Security Manager" option. 


3.      Next, choose "Add Authorized User."


4.      You will then be prompted to input the necessary information for the new user. Enter the first and last name of your Monotelo accountant, as well as the email address and phone number.
First & Last Name: John Smith
Phone number: 800-961-0298


5.      Then, on the next page, select only limited access, remove travel, and full access. Hit submit.


6.      You can select the appropriate permissions for the new user. In this case, your Monotelo accountant only needs to see activity and check images, documents, and statements.


7.      After you select the appropriate permissions, you should review and confirm the information entered and then submit the request.


8.      Chase Bank will then email your accountant at the provided email address with instructions on accessing your account at Chase.


9.      Your accountant should check their email for the invitation and follow the instructions to accept it. The invitation may expire after 24 hours, so your accountant should accept it immediately.


10.  Once your accountant has accepted the invitation and set up their login credentials, they can access your account with view-only access.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up user access in Chase Bank for your accountant with view-only access. 

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