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File your taxes online form your home. Upload your documents, and get started. 

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Get your tax return started at Monotelo

Step 1:
Upload you documents, or schedule an appointment.

Step 2:

One of our experienced tax professionals will process your return, and maximize your refund.

Step 3:

Once your return is complete, we will contact you to sign the consent forms.

Step 4:

After signing the consent forms, you should receive your tax refund in 1-3 weeks.

How the process works.

Have tax questions, or need more information?

One of our experienced tax experts would be happy to answer your questions, and get your tax return started

Explaining a concept

Helpful tax tips and articles.


Tax Season Checklist 


Three Reasons to File Early

Statistic calculating

Year-End Tax Planning

More services from Monotelo

Small Business Tax Services

We will help you minimize your short-term and lifetime tax liability to free up the cashflow needed to help you grow your business and build for your future.

Retirement Planning

Our Values-Based planning service will build the road map so you can have confidence that all the pieces of the puzzle are working together for you to live your best life possible.

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