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The main thing that separates Monotelo Advisors from most financial service firms is that we start each relationship by seeking to immediately increase your cash flow. By uncovering money that you didn't even know about - money that was going to the IRS - we seek to free up extra cash-flow that you can use to pay down debt or put away for tomorrow.

President Biden's proposed American Jobs Plan includes many significant changes to our tax code. We have broken down the changes that could have the most impact on our clients.

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Tax Implications of The American Jobs Plan

Use our tax season checklist to make sure you have everything needed to file an accurate return while maximizing your potential deductions.

Tax Season Checklist

Our monthly publication shares tips and strategies to reduce your federal and state tax liabilities.

Tax Tips and Strategies
How Will the New Child Tax Credit Impact Your 2021 Tax Return.jpg

The American Rescue Plan made significant changes to the Child Tax Credit for 2021. Our latest article explains how these changes will impact your 2021 tax return when you file next year.