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Quarterly: Oct 17

Our Planning Process

Our Objective 

A financial plan with the optimal tax efficient strategies that help you meet your short and long-term goals.


Our Process

Our Planning Process.png
  • Discovery: The first and most important step in the process is to understand our client's long-term goals and their short-term cashflow needs. It is also designed to identify how the short-term cashflow needs can impact the long-term goals.

  • Assessment: The main objective of the assessment phase is to identify what needs to be done to achieve each goal and provide context around our client's time horizon and risk tolerance. Expectations may need to be reset based on long-term goals, the resources and assets available to reach those goals and your capacity to take risk over time. 

  • Evaluation: This is the phase where we present our findings, show you the steps needed to move you toward your long-term goals, and get agreement on which option best suits your needs. 

  • Implementation: Once the financial plan has been established and agreed upon, the implementation phase turns the plan into reality, with each component of the plan designed to align with your short and long-term goals.

  • Monitoring: The monitoring phase is designed to check on the progress toward your long-term goals and make any minor adjustments needed to move you toward your desired outcome. If circumstances change or life-changing events take place, we will move back into Discovery phase, reassess the new circumstances and adjust the plan as needed.

Our "Why"

Monotelo is a combination of two Greek words: Mono (meaning one) and Telos (meaning purpose). Monotelo's "One Purpose" is to make a difference with meaningful and actionable financial solutions that positively impact our client's lives.

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