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Three Pricing Options

To provide our small-business clients with flexibility in how they work with us, we offer three different pricing options for our services. 

Three Options.png

1. Additional rental properties will be charged at $50/property

2. Processing of monthly payroll includes

  • Federal 941 Quarterly Payroll Filing

  • State Quarterly Payroll Filing

  • Year-End 940 Payroll Filing

  • W2 Issuance to Employees

  • 1099 Issuance to Independent Contractors

3. Our Tax Savings Manual includes strategies to lower your federal tax bill. Historically we have found that we can save small-business owners between $5,000 and $12,000 per year.

4. Two conference calls throughout the year to discuss:

  • Estimated Payments

  • P&L Discussion

  • Adjustments to Officer Compensation

  • Misc. Business and Accounting Issues

5. Requires a three year agreement.

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