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Retirement Readiness

Our Retirement Readiness series is four separate webinars designed to address today's most important retirement issues. Each 20 minute webinar is designed to provide 15 minutes of value-packed content and close with 5 minutes for Q&A

You can use the links below to watch the recorded webinars

"When Will I Be Ready and What Should I Do Today to Prepare for Retirement?"

When Will I Be Ready and What Should I Do Today To Prepare for Retirement is a 20 minute webinar that will walk through the three most important steps you can take to get yourself on track to safely retire on your time frame. In addition to the three specific action steps, all attendees will receive our Safe Retirement Zone calculator as a valuable tool that they can use to help take control of their future. 

Social Security Claiming Strategies - How to Maximize Your Lifetime Benefit

The Social Security Claiming Strategies module can have a profound impact because most people don't understand the different options they have when claiming Social Security, and they don't understand the financial implications of the different options. If you are married, your options have doubled, and if you are divorced  you may still have the option of a spousal claim. Understanding the spousal benefits and the delayed benefits may not only significantly increase your monthly income, it could change the trajectory of your retirement years. Our Social Security Claiming Strategies module is invaluable if you or someone you care about is in or near retirement. 

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning in Light of the Recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Efficient Retirement Planning module will address the massive shift in the tax code that took place last January. These changes radically impact how individuals should be preparing for retirement, and they provide significant opportunities to take action between now and December of 2025, when the tax cuts are set to expire. The Tax Efficient Retirement Planning module will empower you with the tools to take full advantage of the current compelling, but temporary opportunities created by the new tax laws.

Small Business Retirement Planning

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently passed by congress enacted the most significant tax legislation changes that our country has seen in over thirty years. These changes have a significant impact on how small business owners should prepare for retirement - and that is why we put together our Small Business Retirement Planning module. If you are a small business owner or independent contractor and your financial plan was put in place prior to December of 2017, there is no way you are taking advantage of the new opportunities. Our Small Business Retirement Planning module will help small business owners take full advantage of the recent changes to maximize a lifetime of savings that are currently available. But there is a sense of urgency, because the current tax cuts are set to expire in 2025.

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