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The purpose of our White Papers is to give our prospective clients the opportunity to hear the solutions we have recommended to address complex problems and to help people understand the issues to consider when making complex financial decisions. While the situations are real, the names have been changed to protect the innocent!


Win One, Lose One, Win One...

This was a fun case for our team. There was complexity due to the types of income this family was generating and the stakes were high because they were in the 39.6% tax bracket in the prior tax year. They were also paying the alternative minimum tax.


Realtor Sam

This case had similarities to cases that had come across our desk in the past. However, what was unusual about this case was the ratio of investment property income to commission-based income being generated from home sales. Due to this we were initially not sure if we would be able to reduce his tax burden, but in the end we were able to save him $7,000 per year.



This case highlights a situation where a client's failure to consult with us prior to making a large financial decision ended up costing them $30,000 in taxes.


Starting Over, And Over

Our SOO case deals with a young Realtor client who had to repeatedly start her business over from the beginning as her life took her across the country. Amidst this repeated reset we were able to reduce her tax bill by $8,000 and increase her cash-flow.

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