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Providing Successful Real Estate Agents With A Proven Path To Reducing Tax Liability.

Proactive Tax & Accounting Services That Help You Keep More Of What You Earn

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A Better Way To Secure Your Financial Future

Let us help you keep a higher percentage of your commission.

Why Monotelo

We will help you keep more of your hard-earned commissions. At Monotelo, we guarantee to save you more on your taxes than what you spend with our firm.

How we work with agents

We start every new client conversation with a tax discussion. From there, we customize the strategies to your unique situation to maximize your tax savings.

Tax tips and Strategies

The new tax code radically impacted your tax situation. We continually invest in our education so that when changes happen, we're ready to meet the challenge.

White Papers

Real world examples of our clients saving between $6,000 and $15,000 per year. White Papers are available to you upon request during your free consultation. 

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The Tax Planning Services You Deserve

Your Tax Savings Come From Our Strategic Advice.

Tax Savings Strategies

Tax savings for small business owners goes way beyond a simple home office deduction, personal car miles and cell phone bills. Monotelo's tax savings strategies are designed to capture the intersection between the federal tax code and your unique situation as a small business owner.

Market Compensation

Most S-Corp owners are aware of the tax benefits of separating wage income from S-corp profits, but expose themselves when they fail to address IRS fair market compensation requirements. The Monotelo process is designed to audit-proof your owners' compensation while minimizing your tax liability.

Entity Selection Process

Your choice of entity matters. LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Proprietorship, LLP all have different tax implications; and the best entity structure for your business depends on your unique personal financial situation. Monotelo can help you determine the tax deduction advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Entity Structuring

When buying or starting a business, one of the first things to consider is the legal form you will use to own and operate the business. Once the ideal entity structure has been identified, Monotelo can help you get your entity in place and equip you to operate within compliance of state and federal regulations.

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Allocating Your Tax Savings To Create Growth

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Enacted in January of 2018 shifted the Retirement Planning landscape.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act radically shifted the Retirement Planning Landscape. Are you taking advantage of the new opportunities?

The new tax law instituted several significant changes to the individual income tax, including reforms to itemized deductions, the alternative minimum tax and lower marginal tax rates across brackets.

These changes radically impact how small business owners should be preparing for retirement. If your financial plan was put in place prior to December of 2017 you are likely missing out.

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Hear from other Real Estate Professionals just like You 

Lisa Ashley Image.jpeg

Lisa - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Top 1% of all Wisconsin Agents

“I worked all those years with my last CPA, and he helped write off my expenses, but I’ve never had anyone who could help me save money on my taxes the way Monotelo Advisors has for me. I would recommend Monotelo to anyone in the real estate business.”

Reggie Image.jpg

Reggie - Southern Illinois

Top 1% of all Illinois Agents

"I probably tell five people a week: 'If you want to save money and protect your assets, call Monotelo. If not, keep doing what you're doing.' 

Monotelo is great at tax planning, and if you are not working with them, you are throwing money away." 

Rick - Re/Max Broker-Owner

Re/Max Catalyst Recognition

8 Years in a Row

Rick Ownes Image.jpg

Rick - Re/Max Broker-Owner

Re/Max Catalyst Recognition

8 Years in a Row

"I tell my highest producing agents: 'You've got to do better with the money you are making.' Then I tell them to go and talk to Monotelo. We care about all aspects of our agent's business - that's why we brought Monotelo out to speak to all of our high-producing agents."

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Meet Your New Team


Jim Richter

Tax Planning Expert

 Jim brings 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry to Monotelo Advisors. Prior to founding Monotelo, Jim spent 7 years as a Managing Director and Partner at PT Asset Management, a $1.7 billion alternative asset manager in Chicago. Prior to his time at PTAM Jim spent 9 years as a fixed income specialist in the banking industry. 


Jim is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst with a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois – Chicago. He is an Enrolled Agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the US Treasury.


Gavin Tabb

Tax Planning Expert

In addition to providing our small business clients with seamless payroll and bookkeeping services, Gavin supports our tax research that drives the strategies our clients employ to save on their federal and state income tax liabilities.


Gavin has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Northern Illinois University. He is an Enrolled Agent, a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.

Gavin is also an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User.


Marianne Richter

Engagement Manager

Marianne is responsible for ensuring that Monotelo delivers a high level of customer service and exceeds the expectations of our small business relationships.

Marianne brings 13+ years of diversified training and marketing experience in the consumer goods industry to Monotelo. 


With a bachelor's degree in marketing, Marianne worked in senior management roles at Kraft Foods for more than a decade. She had national profit and loss responsibility and was responsible for training their national sales teams.

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2250 Point Boulevard / Suite 230

Elgin, IL  60123

Office Hours Monday - Friday: 

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST 




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